Malóne’s WHYNOTUS Label Debuts Afro House Compilation ‘MIAMI GROOVE VA’ Ft. Amal Nemer, Damelo, Del & Del + more

Since the launch of his own label and event series, WHYNOTUS, the acclaimed DJ-producer Malóne has been consistently dropping mesmerizing tunes in the Tech and Afro House space. Today, WHYNOTUS has released its inaugural compilation, titled ‘MIAMI GROOVE VA’, featuring six culturally-infused house tracks.

Kicking off the collaborative endeavor is “Get It,” an entrancing single heavy on percussion, crafted by Amal Nemer. Enhanced with exotic vocals, this track sets the tone for the groove-filled journey ahead. Nemer’s ability to instantly hook your mind with her hypnotic grooves is a testament to her talent, making it a perfect addition to this compilation.

“‘Get It’ is a track that makes you bounce up and down. It has crazy vocals and melodies that make you feel everything. Just when you think the drop is coming, the track makes you wait a little bit more. I love the effect this has on the dance floor.”Amal Nemer

MIAMI GROOVE VA also features contributions from Morpei, Damelo, Sounds Of Rituals, Pablo Alhach, Des & Del, DZR, and Sabrosura Boyz. What distinguishes this compilation is its ability to bring together artists from diverse ethnicities and regions. ‘MIAMI GROOVE VA’ embodies a fusion of sounds from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Cuba, Israel, USA, and beyond, reflecting the rich musical heritage of each participating nation.

Check it out below!

Source : Your Edm