Vintage Culture & Magnus Drop Intoxicating Single “Nothing Ever Changes”

Brazilian dynamo Vintage Culture is back with the latest single from his highly anticipated debut album “Promised Land” – “Nothing Ever Changes.” Following closely behind “Weak,” this release single features the ethereal vocals of UK-based producer, singer, and songwriter Magnus and results in intoxicating experience.

The track kicks off with a rhythmic foundation propelled by ambient drum patterns, gradually introducing Magnus’ captivating vocals that seamlessly blend into the evolving soundscape. Vintage Culture skillfully intensifies the pulsating production, leading listeners to a climactic moment highlighted by a resonant bassline.

“I remember hearing Magnus’ vocal for ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ for the first time. I was minutes away from taking the stage with Swedish House Mafia in Paris. Magnus was midway through the vocal and lyrics in Amsterdam. I was immediately drawn in by the melody and lyrics of the song. I sent over notes regarding the direction, mood, and atmosphere we should create, then ran to the stage of Accor Arena to start my show. I’m very proud of ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ and believe it stands with my best work to date.” – Vintage Culture

Reflecting on the inspiration and musical direction for “Nothing Ever Changes,” Magnus stated, “I wanted my first collaboration with Vintage Culture to have an emotional impact through the songwriting and production, plus a melody that would connect with fans around the world through Lukas’ massive shows. I began the demo in Amsterdam and finished it a few weeks later in Berlin. The song really came to life when Vintage Culture began its production. ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ reflects how I was feeling during a challenging time. We all go through these stages in life. The trick is to not allow it to consume you, but to harness these feelings and keep striving for improvement.

Listen below!

Source : Your Edm