Beak> Surprise Release New Album >>>>: Listen

Beak>, the trio helmed by Geoff Barrow, have surprise released a new album, >>>>. It comes six years after the similarly titled >>>, preceded by no singles or promotion, as they’ve noted in a press release. “At its core we always wanted it to be head music (music for the ‘heads’, not headphone music)—listened to as an album, not as individual songs,” the group added. Listen to the new album below.

Barrow, Billy Fuller, and Will Young recorded >>>> between Wales and Bristol between tour dates. In the press release, they said, “After playing hundreds of gigs and festivals over the years we felt that touring had started to influence our writing to the point we weren’t sure who we were anymore. So we decided to go back to the origins of where we were at on our first album—with zero expectations and just playing together in a room.”

Source : Pitchfork