Keep your iPhone filled up on the go with this portable MagSafe charger for 41% off

If there’s something I hate a lot nowadays, it is seeing the battery life draining away, as I know for sure I won’t be able to reach my charger before it all shuts off. One thing that can help is the Baseus for MagSafe Portable Charger, which is available at a fantastic price of $27, down from its usual price of $46. This compact charger will ensure your phone stays powered up wherever you are.

The Baseus charger has a powerful magnetic suction that effortlessly attaches to your iPhone. Designed specifically for iPhones, it won’t block your camera lens and fits snugly with a width of 2.77 inches and a thickness of 0.72 inches. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket or bag, making it the ideal travel companion—even on flights.

You don’t need any cables, you don’t need to fumble to plug in your phone, and so on. Just make sure you have this battery in your bag and stick it to the back of the phone. Done!

With a robust 10,000mAh battery capacity, this charger has the muscle to keep your device going, taking it to 100 percent in no time. One of the standout features is its 7.5W fast magnetic wireless charging. Simply align your iPhone and battery pack, and let the magic happen.

Of course, if you’d rather enjoy faster charging, you can plug a wire into the 20W USB-C port. Upgrade your charging game with the Baseus MagSafe Portable Charger. At just $27, it’s a deal too good to pass up.

Get the Baseus MagSafe Portable Charger for $27 at Amazon

Source : Macworld