You can order four Apple Pencil Tips for just $12 right now

If you’re an avid Apple Pencil user, then you’re going to love hearing that the Apple Pencil Tips 4-pack is now on sale for just $12, down from the usual $19, the best price we’ve seen for this essential accessory.

Whether you use the Apple Pencil extensively for sketching intricate designs, jotting down notes, or editing photos, these pencil tips will definitely come in handy sooner rather than later. Compatible with the Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd gen, as well as the Apple Pencil USB-C and Apple Pencil Pro, this 4-pack ensures you always have extra tips at the ready no matter which stylus you have.

While it’s true that Apple Pencil nibs don’t have a set lifespan, they do wear down if you use them daily for hours. Also, if you’re drawing, thus applying more pressure at times, they’ll wear out faster than if you only use the Apple Pencil mainly for writing. And sometimes, you simply lose one of them.

At one point or another, you’ll notice the iPad is no longer as responsive to your Apple Pencil. Or, even worse, you’ll see the wear yourself, perhaps even revealing the metal underneath. Rather than waiting for that moment to come and then scrambling for replacement nibs, it’s best to get this discounted four-pack right now and keep it on hand.

Get four Apple Pencil Tips for $12

Source : Macworld