Knife attack on far-right politician in German city days after fatal stabbing of police officer

A far-right politician has been injured in a knife attack in the same German city where a police officer was fatally stabbed just days ago.
Heinrich Koch, who is a candidate for the Alternative for Germany party (AfD), was attacked in Mannheim on Wednesday.
Police said there were “no concrete indications” the suspect knew he was attacking a politician, despite attempts by the AfD to portray it as part of a targeted campaign by left-wing extremists against its members.
The incident happened when the candidate confronted the suspect, who was tearing down election posters near a town square, according to the AfD.

Image: Election posters from various parties on display in Mannheim on Wednesday.Pic: AP
Police said the 25-year-old suspect was detained and, showing signs of mental illness, was taken to a psychiatric hospital.
The politician needed stitches in his head and had a cut to his stomach but the injuries were not life-threatening, according to party officials.
Local AfD leader Markus Frohnmaier said he was “shocked and dismayed”, while Mannheim mayor Christian Specht condemned the attack and said the “violence that is currently taking hold in our society is intolerable”.
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On Friday, several members of a group that describes itself as opposing “political Islam” were stabbed in Mannheim.
Pax Europa describes itself as an organisation that informs the public about the dangers posed by the “increasing spread and influence of political Islam”.
A 29-year-old police officer, who was one of six people seriously injured in the central square of Mannheim, died on Sunday.

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Man shot after stabbing officer

German authorities say they have uncovered evidence of an Islamic extremist motive in last week’s attack.
Investigators say the suspected attacker is a 25-year-old man from Afghanistan who has lived in Germany since 2014 and reportedly had his asylum application rejected.
He is still in hospital.
It comes as Germany gears up for European and local elections in three states.

Source : Sky News