Kylian Mbappe urges young people to vote against rising ‘extremes’

Footballer Kylian Mbappe has called on young people to vote in the upcoming French elections – warning the “extremes are knocking on the door of power”.
France’s captain was speaking ahead of his side’s opening match at Euro 2024 in Germany and at a time when the far-right is seeking to take power in parliamentary elections – and said he doesn’t want to “represent a country that doesn’t reflect my values”.

President Emmanuel Macron has called two rounds of national assembly elections on 30 June and 7 July in an effort to counter the success of his far-right opponents in recent European polls.

Image: France’s captain Kylian Mbappe has called on young people to vote in the upcoming French elections. Pic: AP
Mbappe did not name any politicians or parties by name – but said he wanted to convince young people their votes could make a difference.
Through a translator, the 25-year-old said: “We know that it is a pivotal moment for French history, this is a never-before-seen event.

“We are a generation that can make a difference, we can see that the extremes are knocking on the door of power and we have the opportunity to shape the future of our country.
“I don’t want to represent a country that doesn’t reflect my values.
“We are all on the same side – that’s why we can’t hide.
“It is often said you must not mix politics and football and I agree when it’s a normal situation – but when you’re in a situation like this, it’s very important.”


Mbappe added it was “a situation that is even more important” than this evening’s Group D match between France and Austria.
“One does not impede the other, not at all,” he said.

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Earlier this month, the forward left Paris St-Germain when his contract expired and signed a five-year deal with Real Madrid.
French football officials had urged the media to back away from asking players to comment on the political situation at home.

The French Football Federation said it is “very attached to freedom of expression and citizenship [and] supports the necessary call to go to vote, which is a democratic requirement”.
“As such, it is appropriate to avoid any kind of pressure and political usage of the French team,” it added.

Source : Sky News