Refused Cancel Reunion Show After Frontman Has Heart Attack

Refused have canceled a show in Sweden billed as their last festival date ever, so that frontman Dennis Lyxzén can recover from what he called “a massive heart attack.” “It’s was extremely painful and wildly scary,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thanks the the wonderful doctors and nurses at the Uppsala hospital I’m still around to fight another day. Under the circumstances I feel ok. Sore and tired and really shook up. I real really hate cancelling show but the doctor said no rock for a couple of weeks.”

The show at Stockholm’s Rosendal Garden Party would have been the band’s first in four years, the last having taken place behind the group’s second reunion LP, 2019’s War Music. The Cardigans, M.I.A., and Massive Attack are set to headline the festival this weekend.

In the statement, captioned to a photo of Lyxzén in a hospital bed, he added, “A complete bummer as I was really looking forward to it. But hopefully I/we will be able to make up to you soon. The good news is that with medication I can get back to my rocking self hopefully sooner than later. Life is weird and precious. Take care of each and tell your loved ones that you love them.”

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Source : Pitchfork