Open your mind to new languages and skills with Rosetta Stone and StackSkills

Whether you want to learn a new language before traveling abroad or need to impress your dream company with some extra skills, this bundle is designed to help with both goals. Featuring access to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills, you can enjoy a lifetime of education with the Unlimited Learning Bundle, now discounted to less than $180 until June 26!

Backpacking across China? Going on a Parisian getaway? You might want to learn the local language, and Rosetta Stone is one of the best platforms. You can learn up to 25 languages (only one at a time) and choose from Swedish, Turkish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.

You’ll learn practical conversational skills so you can ask for directions or the best restaurant recs while traveling. Plus, Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent™ speech recognition technology will help you perfect your pronunciation so you impress the locals on your next international adventure!

If you want to grow your professional skills to impress your new boss or recruiters, jump into StackSkills Unlimited’s over 1,000 courses on marketing, finance, IT, graphic design, self-development, and more. Lessons are taught by top-rated instructors and designed to keep you engaged.

Grow your speech and mind when you grab the Unlimited Learning Bundle featuring lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited, now $179.97, with code ROSETTA10 until June 26 at 11:59 PM Pacific.


The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone

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