Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Air/iPad Pro 2024 review

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  • Very good removable keyboard
  • Larger trackpad and lighter than previous models


  • High price

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The 2024 versions of the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro and iPad Air improve on the previous generations with a bigger trackpad and a lighter build. It still feels like a lot of money to spend on a keyboard though.

Best Prices Today: Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Air/iPad Pro (2024)



Logitech makes an even wider range of iPad keyboards than Apple, but choosing the right model is relatively easy as Logitech’s website allows you to type in your iPad’s model number – found on the back of the iPad – and will then show you which keyboards are compatible with your model.

One of the best all-round options from Logitech is the Combo Touch, which is available in a variety of sizes for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro. Previous models in Logitech’s Combo Touch range were all very similar, simply varying in size to accommodate different iPad models, and the different types of Smart Connector that Apple has introduced over the years. These older models are still available for the older iPads, but the new editions for the 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air have had a bit of a redesign.

It retains the detachable, two-piece design of previous models, with a separate case and keyboard panel. You can use the iPad in the case without the keyboard, just to provide some extra protection when you’re holding the iPad in your hands or carrying it around, and there’s a cut-out section on the case that leaves room to attach an Apple Pencil. The case also has an adjustable stand that will allow you to sit back and watch video while the iPad sits on a desk or table. The stand section completely covers the sides and the back of the iPad for added protection when you’re just using the iPad in tablet mode, and allows you to adjust the viewing angle from 100 to 600 as required.

When you’re ready to do some work you can simply use the Smart Connectors on the case to attach the keyboard panel and start typing. The keyboard section connects to magnetic holders on the stand, which keep both sections firmly in place, and the keyboard draws its power from the Smart Connector on your iPad. The keys travel well for such a thin keyboard, so you can certainly get some work done when you need to, and the keyboard even has an adjustable backlight too.

Like Apple’s more expensive keyboards, the Combo Touch also includes a trackpad, which supports a variety of gestures with one, two or three fingers. The top row of Function keys allows you to adjust settings such as brightness and volume, along with playback controls for music and video. There’s a Function key to adjust the backlight, and a key that takes you straight to the Home screen, and we like the Lock key that lets you quickly turn the iPad on or off (and works really well if your iPad has Face ID).

That’s all business as usual for the Combo Touch keyboards, but the redesigned models for 2024 are quite a bit lighter than their predecessors. The keyboards for the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Air weigh 495g and 686g respectively, and – as with Apple’s new Magic Keyboard – the iPad Pro version is even lighter, at 474g for the 11-inch model and 660g for the 13-inch model. The color choices are also different with the 2024 Combo Touch for iPad Pro coming in Graphite, while older versions of that model are Oxford Gray or Sand. The color and material of the newer iPad Air option is also different for 2024.

The trackpad on these new keyboards is larger than previously as well, which makes it easier to use multi-finger gestures for tasks such as zooming in on photos, or flicking from one photo to another. The keyboard feels firm and responsive, and there have been some changes to the Function keys for this generation. The keys that previously activated the on-screen keyboard and Search have been replaced with keys for capturing screenshots and using Siri or dictation, and the key that used to lock the iPad screen now switches to Do Not Disturb mode.

So while it might not have the luxurious materials and build quality of the new Apple Magic Keyboard, the Combo Touch for 2024 provides a lightweight and versatile keyboard/case combo at a considerably lower price than its Apple rival.

Prices start at $159.99/£159.99 for the Combo Touch for iPad model. The 2024 M4 iPad Pro and 2024 M2 iPad Air models cost more. Here are the prices for each model.

Combo Touch for iPad:

  • iPad (10th gen): $159.99/£159.99

Combo Touch for iPad Air:

  • iPad Air M2, 11-inch: $199.99/£199.99
  • iPad Air M2, 13-inch: $229.99/£229.99

Combo Touch for iPad Pro:

  • iPad Pro M4, 11-inch: $229.99/£229.99
  • iPad Pro M4, 13-inch: $259.99/£259.99

The Combo Touch cases for older iPad models can still be purchased. For more iPad keyboards take a look at our Best iPad Keyboards round-up or buy a Bluetooth keyboard from our best keyboards round-up.

Buying advice

The 2024 versions of the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro and iPad Air improve on the previous generations with a bigger trackpad and a lighter build. It still feels like a lot of money to spend on a keyboard to turn an iPad into a laptop when a 13-inch M2 MacBook Air starts at $999/$999 and a 13-inch M2 iPad Air plus Logitech keyboard starts at $1,028.99/£1,028.99, but, of course, Apple’s iPad keyboard solution would cost you even more.

Source : Macworld