‘Yacht fireworks’ spark forest fire

Thirteen people have been arrested in Greece after fireworks launched from a yacht allegedly started a forest fire.
On the island of Hydra, the only pine forest caught fire after fireworks from a boat went astray, according to the local fire service.

Emergency services were able to get the blaze in the remote Bisti area under control on Saturday.
As there were no roads to the affected area, firefighters had to access it by sea and air.
The fire brigade’s crime division later arrested the 13 yacht crew members and passengers.

“We are outraged,” Hydra mayor George Koukoudakis told state TV.
“If it’s true, it is something that really saddens me.”

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An official said the arrests were made at a marina in the Athens area.


Firefighters struggled over the weekend to contain dozens of wildfires fanned by gale force winds across Greek islands and in southern parts of the country’s mainland.

Source : Sky News