Use your iPad like a true artist or writer when you grab this Apple Pencil for less than $60!

As Apple fans, we love all things Apple, especially our iPads. However, they’re not the most school or work-friendly when they’re not paired with an Apple Pencil.

Fortunately, you can enhance your iPad experience with a 2023 Apple Pencil for less than $60 — that’s more than half off the retail price of the latest model!

Designed for artists, students, and professionals who want to sketch or write on their iPads, this Apple Pencil is designed to simulate the experience of using a pen on paper. It’s constructed with quick responsiveness and low latency, so you don’t have to deal with lagging between strokes.

Plus, its tilt sensitivity allows users to draw or take notes accurately. This Apple Pencil also comes with pressure sensitivity, so you can quickly go between thick or thinner lines and different degrees of shading depending on the pressure on the stylus.

You might also be wondering how this Apple Pencil is over half off the typical price. That’s because it’s a new open-box model! It’s in new condition, but it may have had customer contact, or its packaging may have extra signs of handling.

Sketch and write intuitively on your iPad when you grab this new, open-box Apple Pencil for just $59.99.


New Open-Box Apple Pencil (USB-C)

Only $59.99 at Macworld

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Source : Macworld