Information notice on the processing of personal data by the ICRC’s resource mobilization division

As part of our continued engagement with our existing supporters, we process certain personal information to make sure that our relations with each person is adequately tailored and effective. Specifically, we may process basic details you provided us when you made a donation (such as name and city of residence), as well as other information, such as professional affiliation, that is publicly available. This helps us better understand who our supporters are and what their motivations and philanthropic interests may be, ensuring that our engagement remains relevant and appropriate based on the profile of each supporter. This processing operation contributes to our general objective of building a long-term and trusting relationship with our donors.

Additionally, in order to widen our circle of supporters and partners, we reach out to individuals that we think may be interested in our mission and want to help fund our work. To gain a full understanding of the individuals, companies or foundations that may want to support our humanitarian movement, we draw on external sources, but only when we have compelling reason to believe that this adds valuable information to help us grow our circle of supporters and partners. Sometimes, we may also receive personal data from third-party suppliers that indicate you might have an interest in supporting us.

The purpose of processing your personal data in such a context is, therefore, to widen the circle of supporters and partners of the ICRC, to strengthen the exclusively humanitarian mission of the ICRC and to ensure compliance with the ICRC’s ethical principles.

When the ICRC processes your personal data in relation to our efforts to widen our circle of supporters and partners, we do so only in accordance with our legitimate interest in strengthening our humanitarian movement with the backing of our supporters and partners.

The personal data we process are:

  • contact details, such as your title, first and last names, country of residence, postal address, phone number and email address
  • the information we receive from external service providers, such as any information that may indicate you have an interest in supporting our humanitarian movement, for example your previous engagement in fundraising, your background, your career or your interests.

We may need to share some information with external service providers that help us meet our goals, as set out above, and help us monitor the sources of proposed contributions. The information shared will be used solely for the purpose of providing the services requested.

Source : Icrc