Charge your devices with lightning speed with this tiny $18 Anker charger

No one has time to wait around for their phones to get charged for hours on end, so finding the Anker 45W USB-C charger for just $18 at Amazon got us excited, especially since the MSRP is $24. This is a compact powerhouse that will fill up your devices quickly and safely.

Thanks to the Super Fast Charging 2.0 feature, you can power up your smartphone to full capacity in under an hour, which is pretty awesome. You will need a 5A charging cable to get this working, but that’s something you can easily get. Since this Anker model is a GaN charger, it is a fairly small gadget, so it will easily fit in your pocket or your bag wherever you go. It also means it’s so much better about current regulation and protecting your device against over-voltage.

Since it has a foldable design, the prongs won’t stick out of your pocket, or get bent due to your laptop, books, or whatever else you have in your backpack. At just $18, this deal is hard to beat. You can grab the Anker 45W USB-C charger at Amazon and quickly take your devices to full capacity.

The Anker 45W USB-C charger is down to $18 right now

Source : Macworld