Cage spends New Year’s Eve in a small pub – and gets everyone a drink

US actor Nicolas Cage stunned regulars at a small Somerset pub by spending New Year’s Eve there – and buying them all a drink.

The Oscar winner, 55, was a “total legend” and a “cool dude”, one local, Koink, said on Reddit.

He posted: “Nicolas Cage spent NYE in my small, local pub, in Somerset. He bought everyone a drink.”

A photo shows Cage behind the bar of the Tramways Social Club, while in another, he is seen posing for a selfie.

“Our newest member, Nicolas Cage,” the club posted on its Facebook page.

Membership is £10 a year, and half that for pensioners, the club says on its website.

It was recently “refurbished and brought up to a modern high standard of finish and comfort”.

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Posting on the Facebook page, one reveller described Cage as a “legend”, saying it was “so kind of him to have bought us all a drink”.

Lorraine Barrett, who got the selfie, posted: “Happy new year Nicolas Cage, thank you for making a small club happy by your presence. You are now a member of the Tramways.”

Image: Nicholas Cage bought everyone a drink. Pic: Tramways Social Club/Lorraine Barrett

The star reportedly has a house in Baltonsborough, near Glastonbury, and used to live in Bath, where he turned on the city’s Christmas lights in 2009.

Cage won his Academy Award, in addition to a Golden Globe and Screen Actors’ Guild Award, for his role as an alcoholic Hollywood writer in Leaving Las Vegas.

He has also appeared in Face/Off, Con Air, and City Of Angels.

Source : Sky News