‘Lucky coin toss’ lands first-time flier with a big bill

A man has been ordered to pay 120,000 yuan (£13,100) in damages to an airline after he threw coins at a plane’s engine.
Lu Chao, 28, was about to fly on an aircraft for the first time on 17 February.

As he boarded the Lucky Air flight between the Chinese cities of Anqing and Kunming, he threw the coins towards the engine for good luck.
Airline staff found two coins on the ground near one of the engines and the flight was then cancelled so the plane could undergo further safety checks.
Meanwhile, the passengers had to leave the aircraft and be given accommodation until replacement flights could be arranged by Lucky Air.


The airline incurred losses of more than 123,000 yuan (£13,500), according to the South China Morning Post, which reported on the case.

At the time, Lu was arrested and detained for 10 days on a charge of disturbing public order.

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In May, Lucky Air filed a civil lawsuit against Lu, demanding compensation from him.
But he argued their maintenance costs were too high and that they should have made an announcement before boarding to tell passengers they should not throw coins at planes.
In a decision that was handed down in July but was only recently made public, the court ruled Lu should compensate the airline in full – despite him saying he could not afford to – but the associated court costs were halved.
There have been a number of similar coin tossing incidents in China in recent years.
They include a man who was sued in 2017 by Shenzhen Airlines after throwing coins at an engine as he boarded a flight in Wuhan.

Source : Sky News