Musk flaunts striptease moves in front of Tesla workers in China

Elon Musk has celebrated the first delivery of cars from Tesla’s new factory in Shanghai by flying out to China and performing striptease moves in front of his own workers.
At a ceremony celebrating the first deliveries of Tesla vehicles produced in China, the 48-year-old danced, threw off his clothes, and high-fived employees in the crowd.

An initial batch of vehicles produced at the Tesla Gigafactory 3 were rolled out last month as the company began production in its first location outside of the US.

The first Model 3s to come off the factory’s production line were delivered to Tesla employees on 30 December.
The facility, which is the first wholly foreign-owned car plant in China, is intended to initially produce about 250,000 Model 3 and Model Y cars every year, as well as battery cells.


It is intended to allow Tesla to minimise the impact of the trade war which has seen Beijing impose big tariffs on US car imports.

The company opened pre-orders in China for its Model 3 cars last year, with the vehicles being sold at a 13% discount for Chinese consumers compared with imports.

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Last January, Mr Musk attended a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the opening of the company’s $2bn (£1.6bn) factory in Shanghai.

Image: A worker walks on a road next to the new Tesla factory in Shanghai
The company’s vehicles in China drew a lot of attention in April when a video on social media appeared to show one of its cars exploding in a Shanghai car park.
Tesla said it was urgently investigating the matter. It has not yet reported on the findings of that investigation.

Source : Sky News