Baby boy found alive at bottom of rubbish chute

A baby boy has been found alive inside a plastic bag at the bottom of a rubbish chute in Singapore.
Refuse workers were clearing the chute when they rescued the child from inside a bin in the city-state’s Bedok neighbourhood on Tuesday, The Straits Times reports.

In a statement, police said the child was found in a stable condition and had no visible injuries, but he has been taken to hospital.
Mr Patwari Shamim, a 24-year-old town cleaner, told the news site he and a colleague found the baby crying inside a blood-stained plastic bag outside a block of flats.
He said he then informed the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council.


Police are now reported to be searching for the baby boy’s parents.

The authorities are also said to be contacting the owners of vehicles parked at the open-air car park near the block to ask for footage captured by their in-car cameras.

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Photos show a man cradling the baby and cleaners inspecting a bin, while police cordons are also in place in the area.
Police said they received a call for help at the block at about 9am (1am GMT) and are investigating the matter.
Pritam Singh, the leader of the opposition Workers’ Party in Singapore, wrote in a Facebook post: “A baby was found alive by one of our town council cleaners in the bin chute.”
He added that he had been informed by the town council.
Mr Singh continued: “Had the worker not found the blessed child, he could have been crushed by the compactor where all rubbish is centrally disposed in the precinct.”
Singapore is struggling with low birth rates and a fast-ageing population, with the latest data showing the number of births fell to an eight-year low in 2018.
There have been 16 cases of abandoned babies in Singapore over the past 10 years, The Straits Times said.

Source : Sky News