Man, 93, shoots apartment worker over flooding in his flat

A 93-year-old man who shot a worker at the apartment complex where he lives because he was unhappy about water damage and flooding in his home has been charged with attempted murder.
Robert Thomas was said to have been upset about the state of his flat when he entered an office at Vista Del Valley apartments in Las Vegas, prompting him to pull out a gun and start making threats.

Footage of the incident shows him firing what appears to be a warning shot at a nearby computer monitor, before allowing a woman working behind the front desk of the office to leave.

Image: Thomas is seen brandishing his gun towards the employee. Pic: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
He then fired a round at his victim, who fell off his chair before being shot again – this time in the bottom – as he lay on the ground.
Police had been called by the woman at front desk, and an officer fired a shot through the door window after hearing gunshots during their approach to the office.


Image: An officer proceeds to drag the elderly man to the ground. Pic: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman said the bullet penetrated the lapel on Thomas’ coat but did not injure him, and he was ordered to drop his weapon before being dragged to the floor.

Thomas appeared to knock his head against the door frame on his way down.

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Both he and his victim were then taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Thomas faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm within a structure, burglary with a firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Source : Sky News