Toddler climbs over balcony and runs along fourth-floor ledge of building

A toddler has been filmed scurrying across the narrow edge of a block of flats in Spain after climbing over a balcony while their “parents took a shower”.
The nail-biting moment was captured by the daughter of a tourist who was staying at a nearby apartment in Tenerife, according to Facebook page “I Love Tenerife!”.

It says she took the footage as her father “was running over to the building to try and do something and notify security”.

Image: The video has had almost 3-million views on Facebook. Pic: I Love Tenerife!/Facebook

Image: The toddler is seen scurrying across the narrow edge of a block of flats in Tenerife
In a post featuring the video – which has gone viral – it said: “OMG! This toddler managed to climb out of this building window.”

Image: The child was spotted on the fourth floor. I Love Tenerife!/Facebook
It happened on Saturday in Playa Paraiso, on the southwest coast of the largest of the Canary Islands, while the “parents were taking a shower”, according to the Facebook post.


The video starts with the unnamed child walking towards the balcony on the fourth floor.

They then appear to begin to climb back over it, but change their mind and the child goes back the way they came.

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The footage ends as the child peers into a window from the narrow ledge.

Image: The child appears to begin to climb over the balcony, but then changes their mind. Pic: I Love Tenerife!/Facebook
The video has had almost three million views on the social media site and more than 24,000 comments.
One user said: “Omg, my heart was in my mouth” – while another asked if the child was safe, to which the page replied “yes”.
Others criticised the toddler’s parents, but some defended them saying “how many times have we turned our back for two seconds” – while another urged people “not to judge” until we “know they whole story”.

Source : Sky News