Mister Mort Goes Inside the 2020 PBR Unleash the Beast Monster Energy Buck-Off

The surge of westernwear into your Instagram feeds and subconscious moodboards isn’t a fluke—there’s something happening out there that’s rough and tough and feels much more rooted in function than your average wave. We touched on a few of these elements late last year—and in regard to the function of it all, there exists no better place in execution than at a PBR Buck-Off. That’s why we sent photographer and personal style auteur Mordechai Rubinstein to the latest PBR event at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. “Its so much fun being in the locker room at Madison Square Garden watching cowboys prepare to ride bulls,” Rubinstein says. “I love how the hats are pinched and worn with toothpicks, and with soda tabs in the bands.” Some of the other elements that caught Rubinstein’s eye—like shirts tucked into high wasted jeans—aren’t reserved for the ring—they’re making their way into the proper zeitgeist. This sort of event provides an opportunity for New York City to break out of its metropolitan routines—and metropolitan wardrobe. “It’s always cool seeing spurs in NYC,” Rubinstein says.

Source : Esquire