DiCaprio ‘helps save man from drowning after cruise ship fall’

Leonardo DiCaprio helped save the life of a man who had fallen overboard from a cruise ship, according to reports.
The Hollywood star was on a boat with friends in the Caribbean when they responded to a Mayday call, the Sun newspaper said.

A crew member had fallen overboard from a Club Med yacht near the island of Saint Martin and had survived by treading water for 11 hours, the paper reported.
The Sun quoted as a source as saying that DiCaprio’s boat was the only vessel searching for the man with a storm setting in during the rescue on 30 December.
“The captain put the man’s chances of survival at one in a billion – like winning the lottery twice,” the source said.


People magazine also reported on the incident, with a source telling the US outlet that “Leo and his friends and their boat captain decided to join the search and their efforts resulted in helping save a man’s life”.

“The boat crew were happy to try and assist – even more so that they were able to help get the man to safety,” the source added.

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Image: The rescue reportedly happened near Saint Martin in the Caribbean
The man who had fallen overboard was given food, drink and clothes after being rescued before being passed to coastguards, the Sun reported.
DiCaprio appeared at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles on Sunday where he was nominated for best actor for Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.
The 45-year-old star was one of the targets of jokes from host Ricky Gervais, who referred to the film’s two-hour and 40-minute running time and said: “Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere and by the end, his date was too old for him.
“Even Prince Andrew is like, ‘Come on Leo, mate. You’re nearly 50’.”

Source : Sky News