Thai police hunt jewellery robber who shot dead toddler

Thai police are hunting a masked gunman who killed three people, including a two-year-old boy, during a robbery in a shopping centre.
The man wounded four others as he robbed a jewellery shop at the Robinson mall in Lopburi province, around 90 miles (145km) north of Bangkok, on Thursday.

Footage shows the man – wearing a ski mask and carrying a handgun with a silencer – shooting a customer and sales assistant.

Image: The masked gunman was carrying a pistol with a silencer
He then jumps on the counter and grabs several trays of gold necklaces.
Other footage shows the toddler walking hand-in-hand with an adult near the store before he falls limp to the ground.


The gunman later shot a security guard dead before escaping on a motorcycle, the Bangkok Post reported.

The saleswoman at the store was among the three people killed.

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Regional police commander Lieutenant General Ampol Buaruppon said: “The robber was merciless.
“We are looking for him in every place. Please trust us, we will definitely get this man and bring him to justice.”
He added that police were authorised to use lethal force if he resists arrest.
The parents of the toddler, who was shot in the head and died after being rushed to a hospital, posted a message on Facebook page after their son’s death.

Image: Police officers stand in the jewellery shop after the shooting on Thursday
The post reads: “We love you very much. We are so sorry that we cannot protect you.
“Rest in peace our angel.”
Police have said a 500,000 baht (£12,657) reward is being offered for information that leads to the gunman’s arrest, according to the Bangkok Post.
Deputy national police chief General Weerachai Songmetta said: “We have to admit that the robber is an expert about guns.
“He is able to add a suppressor on a normal pistol. We are still looking for him in Lopburi and adjacent provinces.”

Source : Sky News