iOS: What to do if iCloud Photos uploads are paused due to a low battery, but you’re actually near a full charge

The Low Battery Mode in iOS and iPadOS can eke out a lot more usable time when your charge runs low. It’s a big enhancement that turns itself on automatically. When Low Battery Mode engages, a number of background activities shut down, including sync and email checking.

When your battery tops 80 percent charge or you disable Low Battery Mode via Settings > Battery, operations should go back to normal.

Some readers find that iCloud Photos remains paused, however. When they open the Photos app, a message appears that reads, “iCloud Photos updates are paused to save battery. Would you like to resume updates for one hour?” A button labeled Resume Updates can be tapped, but the only other option is Cancel.

This appears for people when they are plugged in or Low Power Mode is disengaged and they’re above 80 percent charge—sometimes above 90 percent or the display shows a full battery.

You can try first toggling Low Power Mode on and then back off to see if that dislodges this status, but it doesn’t prove to be a solution for most people.

If you find yourself in this mode, restart your iPhone or iPad whenever you have the opportunity; it seems to fix the issue for those who encounter it.

This Mac 911 article is in response to a question submitted by Macworld reader Martin.

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