Couple get married despite volcano erupting nearby

A couple in the Philippines have got married and celebrated their big day despite a volcanic eruption just 12 miles (20km) away.
Chino Vaflor and Kat Palomar exchanged their vows in Cavite on Sunday, but the close proximity of the Taal volcano resulted in photographs of the nupitals being backdropped by a huge plume of volcanic ash and smoke.

More than 40,000 people have fled Batangas and Cavite to 200 evacuation centres following the eruption, which has also affected hundreds of flights after Manila airport was forced to temporarily close.
But this did not appear to faze the couple, who remained “collected and calm” during the day, according to their photographer Randolf Evan.

Image: The couple are said to have remained ‘calm and collected’ despite the huge eruption behind them
He said: “[The photography] did get affected quite a bit as our timeline became a bit rushed; however, the mood throughout the event was still mostly calm.


“We were still able to actually cover everything as we would a typical wedding from preparation, ceremony to reception, and even shoot pictorials.”

He added that no one had noticed the volcanic activity until they were at the venue and preparations were underway.

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“It was spewing white smoke vigorously,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Evan’s employee Jay-Ar Fortaleza said everyone felt nervous but insisted the wedding carry on.
“We were all nervous but we knew we must keep on doing our job and finish our work as was our commitment to the couple,” he said.
Mr Evan added that the bride had assured him everyone else “was fine” albeit for some “minor bumps on the road home”.
The alert status in the area is currently at level 4, which warns that a severe eruption could be possible in either hours or days.

Source : Sky News