How to watch the 2020 Super Bowl without cable

Football-loving cord-cutters will have an easy time watching this Sunday’s NFL Conference championship games. The 2nd-seed Kansas City Chiefs will face the 6th-seed Tennessee Titans in Kansas City for the AFC championship at 12:05 PM Pacific, and the top-seed San Francisco 49ers will face the 2nd-seed Green Bay Packers in San Francisco at 3:40 PM Pacific. The respective winners of each game will go on to play Super Bowl LIV on February 2. That game is scheduled to kick off in Miami at 3:30 PM Pacific.

We’ll show you how to catch both games—and the Super Bowl itself—even if you don’t have a cable- or satellite-TV subscription.

Option one: Use an antenna

20190125 131322 Martyn Williams/IDG

The Winegard Flatwave antenna comes with a handy reminder to do a rescan on your TV.

Of the four major North American sports leagues, the NFL remains the only one you can still enjoy without a pricey cable subscription. All you need is an antenna that’s capable of pulling in your local CBS affiliate for the AFC game, and your local Fox channel for the NFC game.

If you’re old enough, the thought of using an antenna probably conjures memories of temperamental “rabbit ears” and staticky images. Thanks to modern broadcast technology and over-the-air antennas, you can get a high-quality image that can, in some cases, be better than what you’d get with a subscription. come in a range of designs.

If you live close enough to a broadcast tower, you might be able to use paper-thin indoor model such as our top pick, the Winegard FlatWave Amped. If you’re more distant, you might be better off with an antenna that mounts to your roof or on a freestanding mast. The Antennas Direct DB8e is our favorite in that category. Either way, all you need do is plug one into the tuner that’s a fixture of most modern TVs.

Before you purchase an antenna, though, go to a site like TVFool or Antennaweb and see which networks are available from your local broadcasters. Just enter your address to get a report of all the broadcast signals in your area, ranked from strongest to weakest. Once you determine which broadcaster is furthest from your home, you’ll know what range antenna to buy.

tvfool Martyn Williams/IDG

A screenshot of the TV Fool website showing television reception in San Francisco.

Option two: Use a streaming service

In the event you’re too far from a transmitter to pull in CBS and Fox, you’ll need one or a combination of the streaming options that follow.

CBS All Access

cbs all access logoCBS

The easiest way to catch the AFC championship—apart from a broadcast TV antenna—is to sign up for the CBS All Access service. It costs $6 per month, but there is a one-week free trial for new subscribers. In addition to live-streaming CBS content, you’ll get on-demand access a library of the service’s original programming, including Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight, plus CBS broadcast series. CBS All Access has apps for iOS and Android, most streaming devices, Xbox One, and PS4.