Six killed and 19 injured in Abu Dhabi bus crash

Six people have died and another 19 have been injured after a crash between a bus and a truck in Abu Dhabi.
The crash happened on Al Raha Beach Road on the way to Dubai, and police said it was caused by “reckless and irresponsible driving”.

Video footage from Abu Dhabi’s many CCTV cameras shows “reckless driving” of a car which was in front of the truck. The truck driver stopped to avoid crashing into the car.

Image: The traffic slowed in one lane causing the crash
However a passenger bus then crashed into the truck.
The accident happened at about 6.30am and police said the road was reopened by about 8.55am.


Major Abdullah Khamis Al-Azizi, head of investigations at the traffic department, said the main causes of the crash were “excessive speed and the bus driver’s failure to observe the road conditions which led to the accident” according to a statement.

Ambulances were sent to the scene of the dawn crash and treated some people there, while others were taken to hospital.

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Krishna Prasad Dhakal, Nepalese ambassador to the UAE, told Gulf News that 16 Nepalese expats were among the injured.

Image: The moment the bus crashed into the lorry
The ambassador is working to establish if any of them were killed.
The accident came just a day after the announcement of new tailgating rules, which mean anyone caught too close to the car in front of them will be fined and given points on their licence.
Cars will be monitored by smart sensors which came into use on 15 January.

Source : Sky News