‘El Chapo’ beer developed by drug lord’s daughter

The daughter of jailed Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has developed a beer bearing his name.
Alejandrina Guzman Salazar’s company is waiting for approval from Mexico’s government to sell the alcoholic drink, which will cost 70.10 pesos, or about £2.88 per 355ml bottle.

The beverage is part of the “El Chapo 701” brand, which has already launched a clothing line.
Its name derives from when Forbes magazine named him the 701st richest person in the world in 2009 – with an estimated net fortune of $1bn.

Image: A man is pictured drinking the beverage at a fashion trade show
The prototype beer is 4% alcohol and flavoured with malt, rice and honey.


Adriana Uriarte, a salesperson for the brand, said: “The idea is for it to be sold at bars that stock craft beer.”

The drink has a brown, black and white label and includes an image of Guzman with his moustache.

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It was unveiled at a fashion trade show in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city.
Ms Uriarte said: “It hasn’t been released for sale to the public yet. I just brought some to display.”
The clothing line has already been successful, it is claimed, and in February its first clothing store is due to open.

Image: Guzman was sentenced to life in prison last year after being found guilty of drug trafficking
“El Chapo” smuggled drugs around the world and famously escaped from maximum-security prisons twice.
The 62-year-old was extradited from Mexico to the US in 2017 and last year was found guilty by a New York court of drug trafficking charges.
The kingpin was sentenced to life in prison.

Source : Sky News