ICRC Activities in Yemen Jan-July 2019

In Yemen, the ICRC delivers emergency assistance in the realms of healthcare, economic security and water and sanitation. We support hospitals, primary healthcare clinics and physical rehabilitation centers with equipment and consumable materials. We implement water and sanitation projects in support of public institutions to ensure water is provided to the communities. We distribute food and non-food items (such as blankets and kitchen material) to internally displaced communities and populations in need. In many of our activities, we collaborate with the Yemen Red Crescent.

 Through our protection program, we visit detention centers, facilitate the release and transfer of detainees while playing the role of a neutral intermediary, restore family links by tracing individuals who have lost contact with their families, run a forensic program to ensure a dignified management of the dead and deliver trainings on international humanitarian law.

 Find out more about our activities in the reports on Yemen to have an overview of the ICRC delegation’s response to the increasing humanitarian needs in Yemen:


Source : Icrc