Leopard spotted running into house rescued by wildlife experts

A leopard that ran into a house forcing an evacuation of all close neighbours has been captured in southern India.
The big cat is believed to have wandered out of the Kamdanam forest and into a house in Shadnagar town in Telangana state.

After people were evacuated from the immediate area, wildlife officials worked to catch the animal and tranquillise it.
Hundreds of locals gathered to take images as the endangered predator was whisked away.

Image: Conflict between humans and animals has increased in recent years
Wildlife official Dr Mohammad Abdul Hakeem said: “The leopard was transported to the zoo, where it will be kept under observation and released back into the forests after a couple of days.”


Deadly conflict between humans and animals has increased in recent years in India largely due to shrinking forest habitats and urban expansion.

Image: Hundreds of people tried to get a picture of the animal as it was whisked away
A 2016 government report said it was becoming a “daunting challenge to ensure the peaceful coexistence of leopards among high densities of humans”.

Source : Sky News