Blessings and spectacular shows on offer at Iconsiam Chinese New Year celebrations

Iconsiam, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Chinese Opera Association, the China Cultural Center, Citibank, and AirAsia is staging a grand Chinese New Year celebration “The ICONSIAM Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2020”. 

The event takes place from January 22-26.

The God of the Green Dragon from the Green Dragon Shrine, one the most respected temples in Guangdong province in China, has exclusively been relocated to Iconsiam for public worship for blessings and good fortune. In addition, the global tourist destination also offers lineups of spectacular performances, including exciting world-acclaimed acrobatic shows from Beijing, topped with duo dragon show and traditional lion dance that comprises four types of lions from the Chinese Opera Association, all complemented by the dazzling panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River.

To mark the Year of the Rat, the riverside celebration started with an auspicious drum show called “The Rhythm of the Golden Year of Rat”. The drum is believed to ward off bad luck and obstacles. Then the excitement hyped up with the roaring sound of firecrackers to welcome the dragons and lions to the scene. The troupe from The National Acrobat of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing also took the stage with awe-inspiring performances. This iconic troupe has won countless national and international awards. Celebrity actress and model Khemanit ‘Pancake’ Jamikorn also joined the blessing finale as the Drummer Angel to lead the lion troupe from four Chinese regions and the duo dragons.

Yupha Taweewattanakitborvorn, deputy permanent secretary for Culture, said: “Representing the Thai government, the Ministry of Culture is very pleased to celebrate the auspicious Chinese New Year with Thai people on the banks of Chao Phraya River. The ‘Iconsiam Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2020’, has been completed with great collaboration between the government and the private sectors to present a phenomenal Chinese New Year celebration, which is a very significant culture and a tradition of the Chinese and Chinese-Thai descendants. 

“The celebration also plays a crucial role in enhancing Thailand’s tourism, not only to the Chinese but also visitors from across the globe who visit our country during the Chinese New Year holidays. The longstanding relations between China and Thailand could be traced back to the reign of King Taksin the Great. For generations, trade has paved the way for the rich exchange of culture, traditions and beliefs. Thonburi has been a key historic area where two cultures merged. Klongsan, Tha Din Deang and the Kudeejeen community are the areas dense with Chinese populations.”

Iconsiam also has invited celebrated Thai fortune-teller master Katha Chinabunchorn to mark “The Year of The Rat” with prosperity and good fortune. He travelled to Guangdong province in China for a special ceremony to invite the God of the Green Dragon from the Green Dragon Shrine to Bangkok, to bless Thais and tourists with luck and fortune. Visitors can obtain Chinese talisman said to ward off bad luck and bring auspiciousness, distributed free of charge at 500 pieces per day, five times a day at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.

Over 10 exciting acrobatic performances from The National Acrobat of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing are open to the public like hoops, black and white fantasy, ball catching, swing high crutches and the 9th Wave. Plus a grand performance of Duo dragons and lion dances that combines traditional lions from four regions — Guangdong, Beijing, Hakka and Hainan. Admission is free.

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Source : Nation Multimedia