20 Stylish Ski Essentials for a Day on the Slopes

Here’s the thing about skiing and snowboarding: Especially at the beginning, there’s a whole lot of falling on your ass. It doesn’t look that cool, but so it goes. Luckily, with time and practice, you can start carving down the hill, fresh powder in your wake, and look downright fantastic. But even before that, you can make sure what you’re wearing looks cool. Hey, fake it until you make it, right? And that’s one thing you really have to give to the mountain sports world: The gear looks cool, even when it’s built for function.

Color-blocked outerwear? Vintage-inspired beanies? High-fashion jacket-and-pants sets? These on-the-slopes essentials are part of the reason ski (and après-ski) vibes have thoroughly infiltrated modern menswear. Before you knock off for the day and indulge in a hot chocolate (or something stronger) down at the lodge, check out these 20 picks for your black-diamond (or bunny slope) runs.

PhD Snowboard Light Elite Socks

Smartwool nordstrom.com


Great socks are always a good call, especially when you’ve got your feet locked into a pair of (not always comfy) ski boots.

Nomen Logo-Intarsia Knitted Beanie

Black Crows mrporter.com


An easy beanie with a throwback vibe looks just as good on the street as it does on the slopes.

Capilene Recycled Thermal Crewneck Baselayer Shirt

Patagonia nordstrom.com


Repeat after me: Never skimp on a good base layer. 

Power Printed Jersey Base Layer

Burton mrporter.com


If you prefer your foundation with a little more personality, this shirt from Burton delivers. 

O Frame 2.0 PRO XL Ski Goggles

Oakley mrporter.com


Keep those eye protected from UV rays and snow glare alike. 

Merino 250 Base Layer Bottoms

Smartwool nordstrom.com


Remember what I said about your base layer? It’s true for your bottom half, too.

200 Oasis Merino Wool Half Zip Base Layer

Icebreaker nordstrom.com


For a little more neck protection, reach for Icebreaker’s merino wool half-zip.

Ski Cream, 30ml

Dr. Barbara Sturm mrporter.com


You probably don’t want to apply this as you’re barreling down the mountain. But once you’re back home and all warmed up, this will help save your skin.

Silverado Gore-Tex and Leather Gloves

Oakley mrporter.com


Gloves to protect you from wind, snow—and ski and snowboard edges that always dig into your hands.

Rodan Ski Helmet

Anon mrporter.com


Safety first.

Mario Wool Half-Zip Ski Mid-Layer

Fusalp mrporter.com


Wear it on a black-diamond run. Or a coffee run.

Icemania Canvas-Trimmed Ski Trousers

Salomon mrporter.com


With all the hype around Salomon’s techy-cool trail runners, it’s almost possible to forget about all the other top-notch gear the brand makes. Almost

Utility Bibs

Adidas adidas.com


A bib gives you even more protection from snow, if you have a tendency to wipe out somewhat dramatically.  

Utility Jacket

Adidas adidas.com


And if you’re gonna get the bottom half, you know you need a matching jacket to complete the look.

Packable Windproof & Water Resistant Goose Down Sweater Hooded Jacket

Patagonia nordstrom.com


This packable, lightweight jacket is great as a mid-layer on extra-cold days. 

Stormrace Hooded Ski Jacket

Salomon mrporter.com


This shell jacket is designed to regulate your temperature and keep you comfortable. Plus, it has special pockets for your phone, goggles, and lift pass.

Sapporo Padded Ski Jacket

Colmar mrporter.com


If not for the functionality—lightweight insulation, an element-deflecting shell, and an internal drawstring powder skirt to keep snow out—get this jacket for the perfect color blocking.

‘Hybridge Lite’ Slim Fit Packable Jacket

Canada Goose nordstrom.com


You may well overheat if you try to take one of Canada Goose’s signature parkas down the trail. This lightweight version, though, won’t do you wrong. 

3 Grenoble Tie-Dyed Ski Trousers

Moncler Genius mrporter.com


Fashion, but make it seriously functional ski pants. 

3 Grenoble Tie-Dyed Hooded Ski Jacket

Moncler Genius mrporter.com


Oh, and don’t forget the matching jacket. For ski days. And snow days. And any day it’s cold enough to get away with wearing it.

Jonathan Evans is the style director of Esquire, covering all things fashion, grooming, accessories, and, of course, sneakers.

Source : Esquire