Man and child die after family camping accident in Australia

The family of three — a man, woman, and child — had been camping at Wedge Island, a beachside suburb in Western Australia state, said police in a statement.
Police were notified on Monday morning that a child was not breathing on the beach. When they arrived, they located the boy and a man, both deceased, as well as a woman in need of urgent medical assistance. A rescue helicopter flew the woman to a hospital in Perth, about 100 miles south of Wedge Island.
The deaths aren’t being treated as suspicious, police said. The ongoing investigation suggests they may have died as a result of a fault with their camping equipment, inside the tent they were sleeping in.
Emergency and fire services staff have since removed the equipment.
Wedge Island refers to both an island off the coast of Western Australia and the nearby peninsula, a popular holiday area for fishing, camping, and water sports. The deaths happened on the mainland, police said.
Authorities are looking for any other people who may have been in the area at the time, and will prepare a report for the coroner.

Source : Cnn