Mark Ruffalo Has Perfected the Chilled-Out, In-Flight Outfit


To paraphrase Olivia Newton John, let’s get metaphysical for a moment. If there’s a conflict at the heart of fashion and style, I’d propose it’s the push-and-pull between looking respectable and feeling comfortable. Think about the refrain of every dude in ratty sweatpants ever—”but they’re so comfy!”—and you’ll see what I’m driving at.

That essential tension is always playing out in some way or another, but nowhere is the visual result more available for public consumption than at the airport. Do you want to lean into the comfort side of things as you prepare to sit in a tiny seat inside of a metal tube hurtling through the troposphere for a few hours? Or are you one of those folks who laments the fact that “no one ever dresses up to fly anymore?” It’s a tough call. Unless, of course, you’re Mark Ruffalo.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 10, 2020
Mark Ruffalo at LAX on February 10, 2020.


Observe the peace sign and drink in the energy here. It is the energy of a man who has discovered a way to balance comfort and style during his time in the sky. The pants aren’t sweats, but they are on the looser side (with a really nice drape) and ready for all the leg-stretching and position-readjusting required during a flight. The boots, sans laces, are easy-on and easy-off. The crewneck sweater is just as cozy as a sweatshirt but, you know, a little fancier. The colors—navy, olive, black—are muted and sophisticated, so the whole thing feels easygoing but intentional.

This is, no doubt, a pretty casual outfit, and the Topo Designs x Danner backpack pulls it even further in that direction. But on the casual spectrum, it falls closer to “chill dinner out with friends” than “nursing a hangover on the couch.” It’s not what you’d wear to a meeting with, say, a Marvel exec, but it’s also not something you’d be embarrassed to be photographed wearing. It is, in other words, an incredibly good outfit to wear on a plane. Ruffalo, you silver-bearded fox, you nailed it. Kudos.

Jonathan Evans is the style director of Esquire, covering all things fashion, grooming, accessories, and, of course, sneakers.

Source : Esquire