‘Alias: El Chapo. Occupation: Farmer’: Drug lord seen in rare prison video

Drug kingpin El Chapo labelled himself a “farmer” and offered details of his unusual home life during an interview with prison guards.
Dressed in a beige uniform marked “3870”, the captive Mexican crime lord – real name Joaquin Guzman – has appeared in rare footage from inside the jail where he was taken after his arrest in 2016.

When asked for his alias, he replies “El Chapo”, and when asked for his occupation, he replies “farmer”.

Guzman goes on to confirm his then age of 58, that he had a primary school education, that his mother was still alive, and that his trousers size was 34.
Asked for his wife’s name, he said: “The one I’m married to is Alejandrina Salazar.


“But the one I live with is Emma Coronel.”

The footage also shows guards shaving off his black moustache and mop of hair, before leading him to a bleak looking cell where he is handed a puffy jacket, a thin mattress and two rolls of toilet paper.

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Image: The drug kingpin was arrested in 2016

Image: El Chapo arriving in the US in 2017 after his extradition
Guzman is now serving a life sentence in a high-security US jail and it is unclear why the four-year-old video from the Altiplano prison in his homeland has only just emerged.
The seven-minute clip was obtained and published by the news website Latinus.
Juan Pablo Badillo, a lawyer for Guzman in Mexico since 2014, has confirmed that the footage tallies with the facts of what happened on the day, but the country’s security minister has not offered comment.
Guzman, now 62, is likely to die behind bars following an 11-week trial last year, which saw him found guilty of 10 charges including drug trafficking, money laundering, and the use of firearms.

Moment El Chapo’s son was (briefly) arrested
His son Ovidio Guzman is also accused of drug trafficking in the US and was briefly arrested last year, but police were forced to let him go when heavily armed cartel fighters surrounded them.
One month later, an officer involved in the arrest was killed after being shot at 155 times in a car park in the neighbourhood home to El Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel.
Las Moras in Culiacan, Sinaloa, is notorious for gang and drug-related violence.

Image: The El Chapo beer is awaiting approval to go on sale
Last month, El Chapo’s daughter revealed she had developed – and hoped to launch – a beer bearing his name.
Alejandrina Guzman Salazar’s company is waiting for approval from the Mexican government to sell the alcoholic drink, which will cost 70.10 pesos, or about £2.88 per 355ml bottle.
The beverage is part of the “El Chapo 701” brand, which derived its name from when Forbes magazine named him the 701st richest person in the world in 2009 – with an estimated net fortune of $1bn.

Source : Sky News