Sometimes you have to complain: Apple’s iOS ads

A lot of people think The Macalope hates it when people criticize Apple because he lurvs Apple so much. Uh, well, first of all, “lurvs” is not a word. Second, while he may like Apple and would buy a life-sized cardboard cutout of Bob Mansfield in a hot second if someone would just FINALLY MAKE ONE, that’s not the reason.

He just hates it when people make poorly constructed criticism of Apple.

“This Year’s Annual iPhone Production Cuts That Happen Every Year Annually Mean This Time That No One Is Buying iPhones Anymore And Apple Is Doomed.”

“Magical Foldable Smartphones That Will Surely Work Without A Hitch And Never Break Are Where It’s At And Apple Doesn’t Have One So Apple Is Doomed.”

“Jeff Bezos Makes His Own Blender Mayonnaise And Tim Cook Does Not So Apple Is Doomed.”


But just because some people make poorly constructed criticism of Apple does not mean that all criticism of Apple are just stuff flung by so many chimps. Seriously, they spend all this time teaching chimps sign language when what they could really benefit from is a little finishing school, perhaps from a prestigious east coast institution.

Anyway, let’s take a look at today’s criticism of Apple.