‘There’s nothing I can do’: Mum stuck in hotel room after coronavirus lockdown

Holidaymaker Liz Davies is one of about 160 Britons at a Tenerife hotel which is on lockdown after an Italian doctor staying there tested positive for the coronavirus.
She is with her two young children and they had been due to fly out from the Spanish island last Sunday. They got to the airport but the flight was cancelled due to a Sahara Desert sandstorm.

She then tried to get another flight later and returned to the airport for a second time, but that was also axed.
Ms Davies said guests at the four-star H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel are being tested for coronavirus and have been told to wear masks and gloves in public areas. She tells Sky News about her experience.


Image: Guests wearing masks were seen around the pool

Image: Some were pictured swimming
We got woken earlier and were delivered some food which was nice because food was very scarce yesterday.

We can go down and get tea and coffee but then we have to go back to our rooms. We know that the doctors are still waiting to see everyone.

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There are a few medical teams who are going around and doing preliminary checks on people – there are over 900 guests here.
They are asking people how they generally feel and taking their temperatures.
And if anyone is showing any signs of anything they’ve been given thermometers to keep taking their temperatures. Teams are keeping an eye on those people.

Image: Holidaymakers in masks queue for the restaurant at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace in Tenerife
There was word that some people may be taken to another hotel but that’s not been confirmed by this hotel so it’s a waiting game.
There’s nothing I can do about it. You just have to accept the process. It’s frustrating. I’m on my own here with two young children. They are being incredibly patient and understanding.
My kids have watched about 10 episodes of The Simpsons in Spanish so I’m hoping they are going to improve their Spanish by the time we leave.

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I’ve got lots of word searches and puzzle books and card games. Just taking it easy.
The staff here have been phenomenal. On the first night there was only 14 members of staff trying to service up to 1,000 people.

I can’t praise them enough for their patience. They are enduring their own personal stress and they are just caring after people here.
I feel reassured by how the calm staff are treating us and we feel looked after.
I just have to accept the quarantine period which the hotel says is up to 14 days.

Source : Sky News