CDC: Which facial hair styles are best for preventing coronavirus spread?

Side whiskers and handlebar moustaches are in but long stubble and beards are out.
That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its latest advice for how to stop the spread of coronavirus.

More than 81,000 people worldwide have been infected by COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. The number of deaths is approaching 3,000.

Having originated in China, the virus has now spread to every continent, except Antarctica.
The health organisations has published a poster with 36 different facial hair styles, along with each one’s compatibility with facepiece respirators.


How to contain a global pandemic
Respirators, which cover at least the nose and mouth, are being used by many people in an effort to avoid infection.

But certain styles of facial hair can prevent the respirator’s exhalation valve from working properly, the CDC said.

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Among those styles are long stubble, a beard, the Dali and mutton chops.
A goatee, horseshoe and villain moustache are fine with caution but the hair should not cross the respirator’s sealing surface, according to the poster.

Source : Sky News