Bad Bunny’s Latest Look Makes a Statement in All the Right Ways

Bad Bunny’s been getting off some of the biggest fits in the game since he blew up stateside due to his particular brand of self-reflective bangers, and for his latest appearance on The Tonight Show, the Latin trap superstar showed up in a surprisingly toned-down look. (For Bad Bunny, bubblegum pink two different ways is toned-down.) For the interview portion of the show, he wore a simple Supreme box logo tee, the cornerstone of every respectable hypebeast’s regular rotation, underneath one of the best CPO shirts I’ve seen in a while, of Woolrich and Aimé Leon Dore. (He finished off the look with a pair of lime green Crocs, of course.)


Hit performance fit, though, was the real showstopper. Bad Bunny’s never been shy about sending a message with the way he dresses, especially when it comes to upending age-old conventions surrounding the way a straight man should present. While performing his newest single “Ignorantes”, Bunny rocked an oversized pink double-breasted blazer and a heavily pleated black kilt, dropping the former off his shoulders towards the end of his performance to reveal a simple graphic tee underneath. Bunny’s tee read “Mataron a Alexa, no a un hombre con falda,” or, in Engish: “They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt,” a reference to a trans woman shot dead in his native Puerto Rico earlier this week and the police report that misgendered her as a “man dressed in a black skirt.”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 7


Taken in context, Bunny’s outfit is a touching tribute to Alexa’s memory and a poignant reminder that as much as I kid about “getting these fucking fits off,” an outfit is always an opportunity to make a serious statement, especially when you’re Bad Bunny.

Avidan Grossman is the Style eCommerce Editor at Esquire, covering men’s fashion, shoes, grooming, and accessories.

Source : Esquire