Migrant ‘shot dead by Greek police’ at Turkish border

Greek forces have shot dead one migrant and injured five others on the border between the two countries, Turkish officials say.
Video released by the governor’s office in Edirne, Turkey, shows what appear to be injured migrants.

Two Turkish security officials and the governor’s office said the migrant who died had a chest wound after being shot at by Greek police and border guards near the crossing at Pazarkule.

The five injured are being treated at the Edirne hospital, where one is in intensive care.
Mustafa Burak Sayhan, a doctor at the hospital, said: “One has damage to the skull and there is a bullet inside.


“Of the others, two have gunshot wounds to the lower extremities and one to the upper extremities.”

The fifth patient suffered a fractured nose from a blow and all five were still in hospital, one of them in intensive care.

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Three of the patients spoken to by news agency Reuters said they had been fired at by Greek police.
The Greek government dismissed the claims as “fake news”.

Days earlier, Turkey had said its border with Greece and into Europe was being opened to all – but Greece did not open its own border, leaving the migrants stuck.
Turkey said it was frustrated with the failure of the European Union to uphold its end of a deal made in 2016, whereby Turkey would keep hundreds of thousands of migrants in return for aid and other incentives.

Turkey encouraged migrants to cross into the EU but it was a con
Earlier this week, Turkey’s ambassador to the UK, Umit Yalcin, told Sky News that the EU had shown “betrayal, hypocrisy and selfishness” in breaking the agreement.
Mr Yalcin added: “We did our fulfilment of our commitment and they did not do anything.
“And because of that – enough is enough. We are overloaded. We cannot control millions and millions of people.”
The migrants on the border are mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Middle Eastern states, but Turkey fears more Syrians will enter as they flee war in the northwest of their own country.

Source : Sky News