How to lock down an entire country

Italy’s prime minister has placed the entire country on lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.
Giuseppe Conte said the strict measures will be extended to the whole country on Tuesday – some 60 million people – after parts of northern Italy were shut down earlier.

The measures, which he described as “I stay home”, mean people will only be permitted to travel for work or family emergencies.

Image: The whole of Italy is being put on lockdown as the country tries to contain the outbreak
There is already some confusion over what Italian citizens will still be allowed to do.
But what do these measures mean for different aspects of life?


Public transport

Mr Conte said public transport will remain operational and airports and train stations will remain open.

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Tourists will be allowed to return home, but those departing and arriving on flights will have to justify themselves.
Under the previous lockdown affecting only the north, travellers at train stations had to sign police forms to say they were travelling for “proven work needs”, situations of necessity, health reasons or to return home.

Image: Police officers make checks at Milan’s main train station
People have had their temperatures checked at train stations.
On the main roads, police have been checking whether drivers are complying with the movement restrictions.

Image: Military police check documents in San Fiorano, southeast of Milan
Cruise ships
At some ports, cruise ships have been forbidden to dock.
Checks were earlier introduced for cruise ship passengers arriving in Venice, who were not allowed to disembark to visit the city.

Italy coronavirus: Living in lockdown
Bars and restaurants are only permitted to open between 6am to 6pm.
They must also be able to guarantee customers are at least one metre apart.
Businesses will be closed if they do not adhere to the rules.
Shops can remain open if they are able to guarantee the one-metre safety distance for customers.
Food stores are allowed to remain open at all hours.

On Monday evening, Sky News Italia reported many people had rushed to supermarkets across Italy following the prime minister’s announcement.
Large and medium-sized shopping centres and markets have been told to close at weekends.
Sports events
All sports events and competitions have been cancelled until 3 April at the earliest.

Image: A cleaner sanitises seats at the San Paolo stadium
This includes Serie A football matches.
Mr Conte also said gyms would be closed.
Schools and universities will be closed until 3 April.
Some schools in the north and centre of Italy had already been closed and expected to reopen on 16 March, but the closures have now been extended.
Social gatherings
All outdoor gatherings have been banned, and events including religious activities, fairs and sports are suspended.

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Pope Francis celebrated morning Mass by himself in the chapel of the Vatican hotel where he lives, with the mass live-streamed instead.
Mr Conte also warned young people should not gather at pubs and bars, saying: “We cannot allow ourselves any more these occasions of meeting, which become occasions of contagion.”
All weddings have been suspended until 3 April.
Leisure activities

Image: A tourist wears a face mask in Rome
Across Italy, museums and archaeological sites have been closed.
Ski lifts have also been closed after students whose classes were cancelled began booking trips to ski resorts.
Cinemas and theatres have shut too.
All visits to prisons have been suspended.
The containment measures caused riots at prisons across the country, leading to the deaths of six inmates.

Image: Several inmates at a jail in Milan climbed onto the roof
Health sector
People accompanying patients to A&E units are not allowed to stay with them in the waiting rooms without permission.
Leave for healthcare workers has been cancelled.
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