NASA employee tests positive for coronavirus

NASA has confirmed that one of its employees has tested positive for the coronavirus.
The employee works at the Ames Research Centre in Silicon Valley.

According to NASA, physical access to the centre has been restricted – and many staff are being told to work remotely – “out of an abundance of caution”.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said: “Limiting personnel at the centre will allow Ames medical personnel and public health officials to determine potential contacts and assess areas that may require additional cleaning and mitigate potential exposure to centre personnel.
“Working with county officials, Ames leadership and medical personnel are working to trace the contacts of the employee and notifying individuals who may have had significant contact with that person.”


Only staff who are needed on site to “life, property, and critical mission functions” will be allowed in.

The Ames Research Centre, located at Moffett Field in California, is one of 10 NASA field centres.

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Source : Sky News