iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: Everything we know about Apple’s upcoming OS upgrades

WWDC may be in limbo due to the coronavirus outbreak, but that’s not stopping the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Apple is hard at work on the next update for the iPhone and iPad, and details are starting to leak ahead of the big reveal. Here is everything we know so far.

iOS and iPadOS 14: Apps

Every new version of iOS includes new apps, and iOS 14 is no different. According to 9to5Mac, the biggest addition to Apple’s app library will be a new AR app where users can “get more information about the world around them by using an augmented reality experience on the phone.” Specifically, the site has found references to the Apple Store and Starbucks, which suggests Apple will be partnering with stores like it does for Apple Pay and the Apple Card.

Also pegged for release in iOS 14 is a new fitness app “designed to let users download guided fitness-related videos that will walk them through various workouts.” As reported by MacRumors, the app will debut as part of iOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14, and appears to work in tandem with the existing Activity app. The new fitness app will feature downloadable videos “that cover a range of different workout options and activities, getting guidance on completing those activities on the Apple Watch.”

As far as existing apps, there are sure to be plenty of new features to play with, but one that would be extremely popular is the ability to retract iMessages after they are sent. According to MacRumors, users would be able to take back a message that was accidentally or inadvertently sent, with “Fine print visible to both the sender and recipients indicating that a message has been retracted.”

A report by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg also says that Apple will finally be allowing users to change default apps in iOS 14. Previously, iPhone users were forced to use stock apps such as Safari and Mail when opening links, but Apple may be relaxing its stance due to antitrust cases.

iOS and iPadOS 14: UI and navigation

Along with the possible release of a Smart Keyboard with Trackpad for the iPad, Mac-style cursors might also be on the way for Apple’s tablet, with the classic arrow pointer and gloved-hand icons reportedly making their way over from the Mac. Furthermore, Apple might be introducing new trackpad gestures that let you quickly switch between apps, reports 9to5Mac.

brydge pro keyboard ipad Brydge

iOS 14 might bring trackpad gestures to the iPad.

The Home screen might also be getting a revamp. Short of letting users hide the apps they don’t regularly use, iOS 14 will reportedly include a list view like that in watchOS that “will include a list of all application icons, making it easier for users to see all of their installed apps at once.” 9to5Mac reports that iOS 14’s new list view will include various sorting options, including filters by apps with unread notifications and frequency of use. And Siri will offer suggestions based on time and location.

Along with a new list view, the iPhone might also be getting an iPad-style multitasking screen called Grid Switcher, according to Ben Geskin on Twitter. When you swipe up on the Home indicator, you’ll get two rows of recent apps, and there may be some split-screen functionality as well. As he explains, “When you swipe the app down, screen goes darker and it shows the lock above it, it locks and unlocks as you swipe down.”