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World He is looking for volunteers who intend to collaborate with the online magazine, from Italy and abroad. Curiosities, interviews, articles on conferences, reports, book reviews, concerts, events of all kinds, correspondences from abroad are just some examples of the topics that can be objects of collaboration.

If you think you can contribute, write to: indicating your personal data and any work experience in the journalistic field. Each e-mail will be carefully examined by our editorial staff and in case of acceptance you will be contacted as soon as possible. Welcome to our staff.

World Mag @ zine does not intend to infringe any copyright by using copyrighted material. If any of the images on the site are subject to these rights, please notify the editorial office immediately and they will promptly remove them.

Inspiring principle
Our Magazine is inspired by the fundamental principles of democracy and inviolable human rights. In particular, regarding: the principle of equality of every human being without distinction of race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions, sex and sexual orientation; popular sovereignty and the freedom of manifestation of thought, in all its forms.

Based on the aforementioned principles, the magazine is available to anyone (natural or legal persons, entities, associations, unions, national and international bodies, etc.) who wants to write or collaborate by sending news, articles, photos, videos or suggestions.

Together with the material, the indication of the sources and their personal data and contact details (name, surname, address, telephone, mobile phone, email) must be sent, with express authorization to process their personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 196/03.

The material, which will not be returned, can be sent by mail to the address of the newspaper’s headquarters or by email or through our created email address:

  • Collaborations are unpaid. *