Stay in shape at home with these 5 free fitness apps for iOS

Staying at home as much as possible for more than a month can be rough on our bodies. Junk food is everywhere, it’s easy to snack as much as you want, you can’t go to the gym, going for a run feels somehow irresponsible, stress is sky-high…

There are lots of apps that can help with that, and Heath & Fitness is one of the most popular categories on the App Store. If you take a look at the listings, you’ll see that nearly every app is free—or so it would seem. In reality, the vast majority of fitness apps are only free to download but require an in-app purchase subscription be useful. Many don’t even function at all without one.

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Look closely at a lot of “free” fitness apps and you’ll see there’s nothing free about them.

That’s money you may not want to or be able to spend right now. So we put together this list of five fitness apps that can help you stay healthy at home. One is totally free, and the others offer in-app purchases but have plenty to offer without spending a penny.


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Back in 2013, a paper published by the American College of Sports Medicine investigated a special circuit-training routine for maximum full-body benefit in minimal time using only body-weight exercises. It was featured in The New York Times, and before you knew it, the seven-minute workout was born.

These days you’ll see a lot of seven-minute workout apps. Our favorite is probably Seven. It’s going to aggressively push a “7 Club” membership at you, but just hit the X button in the upper right to ignore the pitch and you can use the simple, clear, attractive app to perform basic seven-minute workouts all you want. The subscription gives you the ability to set custom workouts and unlocks a lot more exercises, but you can do things like schedule workout reminders and connect the Apple’s Health app for free.

Seven (free, in-app purchases)

Nike Training Club

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The Nike Run Club app is very popular among runners, but stay-at-home orders are not the best time to work on your mile pace. Nike’s got another nice workout app, Nike Training Club, that offers tons of exercise routines you can do at home. Some require modest equipment like dumbbells, but many do not.

There’s a nice Apple Watch companion app that helps guide you through your workout, too. On March 29, Nike made the premium membership (usually $14.99 per month) free “until further notice,” but we would recommend this app even if it hadn’t. The membership gives you access to 4-6 week programs, some nutrition and wellness guide stuff, and on-demand classes. But even the free tier offers plenty of good at-home workouts with excellent videos.