Locust infestation in Mauritania

Locust infestation in Mauritania


Ground control operations are in progress against an infestation of desert locusts in Mauritania. As long as there are no heavy rains the infestations should be eliminated by early December, FAO said today. Seventeen teams from the National Locust Centre in Mauritania are currently undertaking survey and control operations against breeding locusts in the west of the country where a serious infestation developed earlier this month.

The new hatchlings are gathering together to form small but dense hopper groups that are good targets for the control teams. More than 2,100 ha have been treated since the control operations started on 11 September. “The current situation appears to be under control,” said Keith Cressman. “FAO is monitoring the situation extremely closely and will continue to keep countries, the donor community and other stakeholders informed of any significant developments as they arise.”


Source : Fao