Your hot takes on iPhones, the headphone jack, headline typos, and more

On this episode of the Macworld Podcast, it’s all about your hot takes. This is a special edition of the show, where we feature your comments from the Macworld social media feeds. We respond to your thoughts on Apple’s iPhones, headphone jacks, headline typos, and more.

This is episode 695 with Leif Johnson, Roman Loyola, and Michael Simon.

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Your hot takes

Various tweets regarding Meet Jon Prosser, the new Apple rumormonger who hasn’t missed yet

Apple’s iPhones: @TeeTuckerHarrie

macworld podcast 695 teetuckerIDG

iPhone SE or iPhone 12? Villi Asgeirsson

macworld podcast 695 villiIDG

iPhone SE or iPhone 12? Loay Al-wesi

macworld podcast 695 loayIDG

iPhone SE or iPhone 12? Paul Mayoh

macworld podcast 695 mayoh IDG

The headphone jack: Chris Mara

macworld podcast 695 chrismaraIDG

Beats brand: @chancerubbage

macworld podcast 695 rubbageIDG

Typo on Battery Health management article headline: Logan Burrell

macworld podcast 695 burrellIDG

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