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World Magazine is a weekly informative periodical of culture, entertainment and photography from the internet world. – Telematic online newspaper.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief: Christian Tipaldi

Christian Tipaldi: journalist registered with the Lazio journalists’ association.

Registration in the press register of the Court of Rome n. 32/2006 of 25.1.2006

Headquarters, Management, Editorial, Web editing and Advertising: Viale Filarete, 265 00176 Rome

Editorial team in Thailand: Pak Kret Tiwanoon Road, Champs Elysees Building I n° 416 Bangkok.

Circulation: ARUBA Spa P.zza Garibaldi 8-52010 Members (AR) authorization Ministry of Communications n° 473.

Christian Tipaldi is registered in the AGCOM Register of Communication Operators under Roc number 14207.

Production and Webfactory partners: All Areas Production

World Magazine is a registered trademark, all rights are reserved and its diffusion, copying, including digital copying, printing without written authorization from the owner and use without authorization are prohibited.(worldmagazine.it).

World Magazine is an online periodical transmitted from Rome via telephone network, in digital format with the technical protocols of the Internet network.

World Magazine has been a newspaper of culture, information and news from all over the world since 2006. World Magazine is a newspaper completely accessible to all and totally free and has no profit purpose. For any typo, publication error in good faith, please contact the number (+39) 3476204478.

The newspaper is legally assisted by the Chiappini Law Firm in Rome.

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Law Firm Alberto Chiappini

Via Nizza, 45 – 00198 Rome

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