Buffy Sainte-Marie Responds to CBC Report in New Statement

Buffy Sainte-Marie has shared a new statement about her Indigenous heritage, following the episode of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary series The Fifth Estate questioning her Native identity. After winning an International Emmy Award for the documentary Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On this past Monday, the Canadian singer-songwriter issued a press release to respond to the allegations in more detail following her October statement.

In her new response, Sainte-Marie claims that “the central proof used to question my identity is a story fabricated by my abuser and repeated by two members of my estranged family I don’t even know.” Her alleged abuser, she says, is her brother. Sainte-Marie then reiterates that she believed she was one of many Indigenous people whose birth certificate was “‘created’ by western governments after they were adopted or taken away from their families” and it was “quite shocking” to hear a city clerk express total confidence in her document’s authenticity in The Fifth Estate.

Source : Pitchfork