Can you solve the case of the mysteriously reoccurring iPhone alarm?

On TikTok, angelegsofia has had a problem with her iPhone for the past five years. Every morning, at 9:25 a.m., an alarm goes off, and while she can stop the alarm, she can’t figure out how to turn off the alarm completely. The Clock app doesn’t show an entry for 9:25 a.m. Yet, every day, it goes off like, well, clockwork.

She’s turned to TikTok for help, and her initial plea has now turned into a series of videos, with the latest video posted yesterday. She’s received tons of suggestions on how to fix the alarm, and none have worked. Here’s her first video that explains her problem.

In case you don’t feel like watching all of her videos (there are 10 so far, each less than 90 seconds), here’s the gist: there’s no alarm or Sleep focus set, and the alarm chimes just a single time at 9:25am every morning. When she taps the notification, it goes to the Alarms tab in the Clock app, which shows she has no alarms set.

Angelegsofia has tried just about everything that has been suggested by commenters except a hard reset, which she doesn’t want to do (besides, it occurs still when she gets a new phone). She’s deleted Calendar, Reminders, Shortcuts, and even Clock, but no matter what she does the alarm persists. No matter what she does, that alarm goes off. She’s upgraded iPhones over the past five years, and through each upgrade, the alarm persists.

We here at Macworld do what we can to be of service to the Apple community, so we’d like to help angelegsofia out. But we’re stumped on this one. My guess is that there’s a third-party app activating the alarm. If you have any ideas, check out angelegsofia’s videos and leave a comment.

Source : Macworld